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e design, organise & run bespoke Training Programmes for NHS Trusts, Private Hospitals, Medical Professionals, Local Authorities, & Schools throughout the UK.

Our Seminar based Training Programmes include Pre-Retirement, Medical Professionals, Mid-Career, Pension Awareness & Early Release. They are further supported by the provision of a One-to-One Consultation facility.

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service & designing Training Programmes that are tailored, crafted & unique to each of our Customers.

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We have worked with Paul and Ongar Business Solutions for some time now and can honestly say we have been extremely pleased with the service they provide which is also reflected in our delegates feedback and evaluation forms that they complete.

We use them for a multitude of different services from Pre Retirement Seminars, Financial Support One-to-Ones, and redundancy support.

Paul is always very pleasant, willing to help and nothing seems like to much trouble. I feel we have a very good working relationship.

Swindon Borough Council   

Paul Tage has been providing a range of seminars for Exeter City Council since my arrival in 2008 covering topics such as Financial Planning for mid-career, retirement and redundancy, healthcare in retirement and information on pension schemes (Local Government and Private).

Delegates have always been happy with the service and information provided and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ongar Business Solutions should you choose to employ their services.

Exeter City Council   

Paul has been working with us for well over a year and has provided several excellent Pre-Retirement courses, and we are currently commissioning him to do 3 more for our 2013/14 programme. I find Paul to be extremely professional and very helpful, as he takes a lot of pressure off my admin team (who also speak very highly of the service Paul provides). All we need to do is book a training room, advertise the course, take the bookings and Paul does the rest, including facilitating the day…. and it’s all free.

Feedback from the delegates who have attended these courses has been consistently excellent.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust   

I have had the pleasure of working with Ongar Business Solutions since February 2012. In my experience Paul and his team provide an engaging and comprehensive programme which equips staff to make informed decisions leading up to and during retirement.

I have recently joined East London NHS Foundation Trust and have already secured the course for this year to ensure staff here benefit from Ongar Business Solutions.

East London NHS Foundation Trust   

The initial contact with Paul was in early 2012. The Trust already ran an in-house pre-retirement workshop for staff, using a mixture of internal and external facilitators for the different subjects that made up the event. We were quite happy with what we were offering and the feedback was always good, however the time and resources it took to organise, manage on the day and follow-up was not cost effective. Using Ongar Business Solutions and Paul’s experience and contacts freed me and my colleagues to get on with our day-to-day roles.

Even though Paul has a lot of experience in organising and running these programmes across a wide variety of organisations he discussed with us the workshop content, format and timing, being very accommodating and flexible with subjects and speakers we wanted to remain involved. Personally, I wanted to retain some involvement in the organisation of these workshops so the Trust advertises the workshops internally, manages the bookings and sends reminders near the date of the event to ensure full attendance.

The first Pre-retirement workshop we held, run by Ongar Business Solutions was in September 2012 with another one arranged (fully booked) in March this year. The day ran smoothly, to time and feedback/evaluations were very positive. We met with Paul a few weeks after to review the event and with a few minor changes, both in the programme and the general organisation of the event, I’m sure the next workshop will be as well received. The Trust has agreed to run this workshop twice a year for the foreseeable future.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust   

We have been using Ongar Business Solutions since 2011 to run our Pre-Retirement Seminar Programme and currently run 4 Seminars per year.

Ongar Business Solutions facilitate the courses and have been flexible with the course format to suit our requirements. Paul Tage arranges the speakers and provides publicity material for us to use. We have an annual review meeting and have amended the programme following feedback from attendees . Paul has also suggested alternative publicity methods and has worked with us on publicity postcards and flyers.

I have always found Ongar Business Solutions to be highly professional and helpful.

We have received positive feedback from attendees who have found the course informative and the speakers helpful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust   

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Ongar Business Solutions is a Financial & Lifestyle Training Specialist. We have over 14 years experience.

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We work with NHS Trusts, Private Hospitals, Medical Professionals, Local Authorities, & Schools throughout the UK.

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We organise and run Pre-Retirement Seminars, Mid-Career Seminars, One-to-One Consultations.
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